Large panel formwork with integrated strong backs

  • Versatile in use
    The integrated bracing allows NOEtop to be used as beam formwork.
  • Long service life
    Frames and profiles are hot-dip zinc galvanized, inside and outside.
  • Robust
    All panels have corner castings and uniform profile thickness.
  • XXL
    Form concrete economically
    with the largest panels on the market with an area of 14.05 m² (5.30x2.65 m or 2.65x5.30 m) with no joints in the liner.
  • NOEtop Compact
    Extends the range of application of NOEtop and is ideal for residential buildings. The greatly reduced number of connectors and accessories results in considerable savings in time and hire costs.
  • Ease of handling
    Corner castings with integrated lever edge.
  • Simply strong
    Permissible concrete pressure 88 kN/m²
  • Freely selectable tie rod layout
    Symmetrical or free choice of tie rod layout.
  • Interchangeable
    With adjustable internal and external corners instead of complicated hinges which clog with concrete, to PU corner chamfer strips and a simple, smooth adjustment mechanism.
  • Only two connections
    Toplock and multi-claw
  • NOE Toplock
    Only one connection for normal connections, compensation pieces up to 42 mm, Corners, adjustable corners, extensions, Conventional formwork arrangements
  • Multi-claw
    for corner solutions, rectangular columns, end ties, foundation ties, stopend forms
  • Secure
    Self-locking platform brackets attach to side-on and end-on panels.
  • Available in metric or imperial dimensions
  • Metric panel sizes
    Panel heights:
    3310, 2650, 1325, 660 mm
    Panel widths: 1325, 1250, 1000, 750, 615, 550, 500, 450, 400, 250 mm, external corner panel 1000 mm,  internal corner 250x250 mm

NOEtop stripping corner with simple closing and opening mechanism

  • For lift shafts, stairwells, buildings with confined working space

  • Standard heights 1325 mm, 2650 mm, 3310 mm

  • Easy to extend

  • 40 mm stripping play

  • Stripping formwork with lever arm

  • Stripping formwork with lever arm

  • Relocated in one lift

  • Ready for concreting again in a single crane lift

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