NOE®top Stripping Corner

The trick with the lever

  • NOEtop stripping corner For lift shafts, stairwells, buildings with confined working spaces
  • No disassembly of the inner formwork units required
  • 40 mm stripping play
  • Relocated in one lift
  • Ready for concreting again with a single upward pull with crane

NOEtop stripping corners with sophisticated erecting and stripping technology

Tight deadlines and the permanent pressure of time are part of everyday life on site. Consequently contractors are forever looking for ways to complete their tasks more quickly. With the newly developed NOEtop stripping corner, NOE-Schaltechnik, Süssen offers valuable time and cost savings.

Portable NOEtop stripping corners are specially designed for use in lift shafts, stair wells and building shells where space is tight. A particular point to note is that the stripping corners can be drawn in on themselves easily to release the forms from the concrete and let out again into position for the next pour without having to dismantle the internal formwork units.


Moreover, stacking the stripping corner units takes very little time. All the installation work is performed from above. Crane hooks are attached to the NOEtop stripping corners in such a way that the units can be transported horizontally, e.g. flat for loading or unloading, or vertically, e. g. end-on for installation. NOEtop stripping corners are attached with the standard NOEtop connector, the NOE Toplock, to the formwork. They can also be bolted.

40 mm stripping play

The advantages of NOEtop stripping corners become particularly apparent during stripping. They allow approximately 20 mm stripping play each side. For stripping, the lever arm is attached to the lever head and draws the stripping corner in on itself (see photograph above). This process is repeated at each corner. The formwork is released from the concrete, which then allows the formwork to be moved in one lift. The special advantage: the internal formwork unit does not have to dismantled.

Erected in one lift

Putting the internal formwork unit into place for concreting is simpler still. This is done by attaching the sling hooks to the lever heads of stripping corners. Pulling up on the formwork with the crane moves the internal formwork automatically into the ready-to-concrete position and makes it ready for immediate reuse.

Handy lever

The advantage brought by the lever arm solution is particularly valuable. Compared with other formwork solutions, this has the advantage that the vertical opening movement does not interfere with the projecting reinforcement.

Thus the NOEtop stripping corner is a valuable tool that is easy to handle and saves a lot of time on site.