Chinese film-faced plywood

  • NOE Formwork facings

    For walls and decks, precast concrete works
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  • NOErepair

    The cost-effective repair system for repairing plywood formwork facings and NOEboard.
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  • NOE foundation tie system

    is suitable for use with all formwork systems.
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  • NOE Verstellbare Dreieck-Versplannung

    Die ideale Lösung, wenn ein gerades Durchspannen, z. B. bei Widerlagern, nicht möglich ist.
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  • NOE anchor cap

    Flexible and strong
    Wide range of accessories
    Cost-effective alternative
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  • NOE concrete cone

    Manufactured conical precast concrete unit for closing holes in concrete faces left by withdrawn anchor bolts. More Information.

  • NOE Europrops

    Cost-effective and robust Europrop in acc. with EN 1065.
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  • NOEpalette

    The conveying system and storage universal.
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  • NOEplast annual number

    In acc. with guideline drawing - Year 1 - 
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  • NOE plastic fixing disk

    For fixing in place plastic pipes used to form cylindrical voids in precast concrete units.
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  • For secondary formwork
  • Concrete surfaces with low requirements
  • Packaging units of 45 pieces




Format up to




Phenolic resin coating 120 g/m² (both sides)




Core construction

Glued poplar plywood

No. of plies

13 / 15