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  • NEW: NOEpallet as transport and storage pallet for NOEdeck formwork panels

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NOEdeck – innovative, ingenious, economic

  • Lightning fast
    Only 1.6 pieces required for each m² of formwork.
  • Integrated
    Deck and downstand beams can be cast in one piece.
  • Adjustable
    Intelligent adjustment and compensation solutions integrated into the system.
  • Extra long
    Longitudinal girders up to 2.40 m long
  • XXL
    Panel sizes up to 90 x 150 cm
  • Extra light
    All NOEdeck system components are made from aluminium
  • Economic
    Cantilever girder solution saves columns and dropheads.
  • Grid pattern not fixed
    Direction can be changed with longitudinal girders.
  • High strength
    Drophead load capacity up to 48 kN
  • Clean
    Undercut panel edges keep side surfaces clean and reduce cleaning costs.
  • Professional
    Single system, many options.

NOEpallet Transport and Storage Container


The NOE pallet is used to stack up to 10 NOEalu frame formwork system panels or up to 7 NOEdeck deck formwork system panels.

The maximum carrying capacity is 1 t.

NOE pallet can be used in a variety of ways by fitting it with additional components. Such as containers or steel boxes

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  • Well-designed pallet system
  • Flexibility of use
  • Set up and reconfigured in minutes

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