NOE®top Alu

NOEtop Aluminium – integrated NOEtop into the formwork concept

  • Long service life
    All panels have integrated corner castings.
  • Stable
    Multi-cell frame profile for high torsional stiffness.
  • Strong
    Permissible concrete pressure 60 kN/m²
  • Functional
    Multifunctional transverse ribs with elongated holes and continuous groove for a wide range of applications.
  • Safer workplace
    Self-securing platform brackets attach to side-on and end-on panels at any position and height.
  • Quick-release fastenings
    Hammerhead bolt with integrated handle and sprint nut.
  • Crane not required
    Crane-independent manual formwork e.g. for sites without cranes, as ideal extensions for NOEtop sites
  • Lightweight
    Panel weighs only 27.4 kg/m²
  • Logical joint pattern
    Well thought-out panel grid with consistent height and width. Can be used end-on and side-on.
  • NOE Toplock
  • The best concrete surfaces
    NOEform formwork liners screwed on from the rear surface.
  • Bushed tie rod holes
    With continuous tie rod sleeves for better concrete appearance.
  • Ease of handling
    Due to lever edge integrated into corner casting.
  • Integrated panel width system:
    Panel heights: 2650; 883 mm
    Panel widths: 883; 750; 500; 250 mm, Alu external corner panels 883 mm, Alu internal corner 250x250 mm

NOEtop Alu wall formwork system image gallery