• NOErepair

    Repair spot

  • NOErepair

    Mill out the spot to be repaired using a router to a depth of at least 3 mm.

  • NOErepair

    Clean out the repair spot with compressed air.

  • NOErepair

    Burn off residues of formwork oil, release agent and moisture from the repair spot.

  • NOErepair

    Fill the repair spot with NOErepair.

  • NOErepair

    Place the NOErepair aluminium cooling block on the repair spot to shorten the cooling time: approx. 30 to 50 seconds for plywood formwork facings.

  • NOErepair

    Smooth down the repair spot with the NOErepair trimming plane.

  • NOErepair

    Regenerated formwork facing.

The rapid repair system for plywood facing and NOEboard

NOErepair – the cost-effective facing repair system

NOErepair is a cost-effective repair system for the repair of plywood facing. Developed and perfected by NOE.

Damaged areas in plywood facings can be rectified with NOErepair, simply, quickly and neatly. Previous knowledge or special tools not required. NOErepair can be used anywhere, in the construction yard or on the building site.

For a perfect repair in only six steps:

  • Machine out damaged area

  • Clean

  • Apply flame to remove release agent and moisture

  • Fill with NOErepair

  • Cool

NOErepair is also suitable for rectifying damaged areas in NOEboard, the plastic high-tech facing from NOE