NOE®top Vlakloods EBS

  • The NOEtop formwork system, with its large panels and integral bracing, proved particularly impressive on the construction of a bulk store in Europort Rotterdam.

  • The side walls up to 13 m high were concreted in one operation.

  • The first face formwork was erected to full wall height. The second face formwork was erected in two stages.

  • The NOE AB 300 working platform was used for the 18 m high walls.

  • Impressive concrete surface.

  • The volume of the bulk store built for European Bulk Services is 65,000 m³. When the store is full, it sinks up to 5 cm into the ground.

  • NOEtop panels can be combined on their sides and on their ends, without disturbing the panel grid.

  • NOEtop panels can be combined on their sides and on their ends, without disturbing the panel grid.

  • The integral bracing of the NOEtop large panels allows the tie rods to be freely positioned anywhere within the bracing. This allows tie rods to be installed horizontally even in conical cross-sectioned walls.

From nought to eighteen in two lifts

18 m high walls in only two concrete lifts / Working in unusual ways with the help of NOE formwork systems

Dutch general contractor Cordeel, Zwijndrecht built a 65,000 m³ bulk store in Europort Rotterdam. On this project, Cordeel benefited from a formwork solution developed for the project by NOE Bekistingtechniek, Arkel, Netherlands, the Dutch subsidiary of NOE-Schaltechnik, Süssen. The most notable features: the up to 13.00 m high side walls were poured in one lift and the up to 18.50 m high end walls in just two. Another aspect to take into account was the conical shape of the walls on the inside. One metre thick at the base, the walls taper to 0.5 m at a height of 6.50 m. The formwork solution devised by NOE Bekistingtechniek for this task was based on the large panels with integral bracing of the NOEtop formwork system.

Rotterdam is home to the world's third-biggest sea port, which is also Europe's biggest by some margin. Consequently, the warehouses and storage facilities also need to be on a correspondingly large scale. The Dutch general contractor Cordeel constructed a 170 m long, 52 m wide building for the bulk store. From the concreting point of view, the contractor chose a rather unconventional way to build the structure: the side walls were cast in one and the 18.50 m high end walls in just two lifts!

Panels over 14 square metres in area

The company opted for the NOEtop formwork system from NOE. The system proved to offer numerous advantages. For example, the tie rods can be positioned anywhere within the bracing on the large panels, which allows great flexibility of use. This flexibility is further enhanced by the range of sizes offered by the system manufacturer. NOEtop is available in panel heights of 0.66 m up to 5.30 m and widths of 0.25 m up to 5.30 m. All panels can be combined on their ends or sides without any disruption to the panel grid and with no reduction in the allowable formwork pressure of 88 kN/m². For the decision makers on the Rotterdam site, there was yet another good reason for their choice: NOEtop is also available in an XXL version, i.e. with dimensions of 5.30 x 2.65 m. Therefore formwork for over 14 square metres of concrete can be erected in a single operation – saving time and cost on site.

Walls tapering down as they go up

For the first section of structural concrete on the Rotterdam bulk storage building, the structures team erected a 13.00 m high first face form, fixed the reinforcement and then put a 6 m high second face form in place. This was extended during concreting by a further 7.00 m high section. By adopting this method of working, it was possible to make sure the bottom wall section was well compacted. Because the structure is used to store bulk, the designers also had to take into account the compressive forces on the wall. As a result, the reduction in wall thickness with height is even more pronounced. The thickness at the bottom is one metre, while at the top it is only half as thick. The integral bracing of the NOEtop large panel formwork system allows the wall formwork to be tied horizontally, despite its conical shape. This is thanks to the free positioning of the tie rods within the bracing. The formwork panels can be placed at the required angle with the minimum of effort. After the first section of concrete was complete, the team used another product from NOE-Schaltechnik: the NOE AB 300 working platform.

Safe working on NOE working platforms

They provide a working width of 2.10 metres and an allowable service load of 300 kg/m². The platform can be used on site direct from the lorry and is fitted with self-locking suspension hooks for rapid erection. The AB 300 is also available as practical external and internal corner units and can be mounted centrally or eccentrically (up to 25 cm). The manufacturer also offers modules with hatches to allow the user to move quickly and easily to working platforms above and below. The NOE AB 300 gave the Rotterdam construction workers a solid base from which they could erect the first and second face formwork. The upper part was then concreted in a second lift. Using this method of construction, the general contractor was able to construct the bulk store in the shortest possible time. Concreting work started at the end of August 2013 and was completed by November 2013. The store is expected to be accepted for use in the first quarter of 2014.

  • Client:
    European Bulk Service EBS, Rozenburg, Netherlands
  • Contractor:
    Cordeel Niederlans b.v., Zwijndrecht, Netherlands
  • Formwork:
    NOE-Bekistingtechniek b.v., Arkel, Netherlands