NOE Krass

  • Spotlight NOE Krass

  • Crane-dependent workplace safety system
  • NOE Krass is system to prevent falling from the edges of buildings during construction. One unit of this system can make up to two storeys safe against falling. It also provides protection against falling from the edge of the next higher ceiling slab to be formed The system is attached to sliding shoes fixed to the parts of the building already constructed. One particular advantage is that the protection components are always attached to the building. The protection can be in the form of a grillage or an almost solid metal sheeting system, depending on the construction height. NOE Krass is a light cost-effective system based on parts from the NOE Combi 20 system.

Your advantage:

  • Simple, cost-effective workplace safety system

  • The system can be used to provide protection for working on the formwork for the next deck.

  • Rail-guided, no problems with wind

  • Lightweight – approx. 30 % lighter than comparable workplace safety systems

  • Only twelve system components

  • Complete protection extending over 50 m with safety grillages for building heights up to 50 m

  • Durable, all system components galvanised

  • Based on NOE Combi 20 system components