NOE® Formwork

Remarkable "dried-out clay" retaining wall
New NOEplast Santpoort stone texture celebrates its début in the Netherlands

Messehallen C 5 / C 6 Messe München
Im Einsatz NOEtop Wandschalung mit Großflächenelementen

New Saale bridge near Hammelburg
NOEratio loadbearing formwork combined with NOEplast textured formliners cuts down construction time

Tunnel Wagenladungsstraße Stuttgart
Adjustable-height NOEtec deck formwork carriages

NOEtop S
Quai de la Moselle, Calais
Construction d'une Salle de Sport

The NOEreport 157
has been published

Conservatoire de musique, Mulhouse

Brushed finish for precast concrete units
NOEplast "Sydney" textured formliner achieves DIN 51130 R12 slip resistance rating

NOEtop wall formwork with one-sided tie rod system
NOEtop EinsA can be used with NOEtop panel system

Watertight tank concreted in 36 hours
NOEtop: solution for concrete pours generating high formwork pressures

Facades reflect riparian woodland
Creating the look of riparian woodland with NOEplast textured formliners

NOE Combi 70, NOEplast
Concrete flood prevention wall wins admirers with a natural stone look.

A flexible formwork system for complex formwork tasks

NOEtop wall formwork allows a bridge to be concreted in one pour on the B466 Süssen Bypass.