NOE®top EinsA

  • All NOEtop large area panels can also be used with the one-sided tie rod system.
  • Simple clamping mechanism
  • Allowable concrete pressure up to 60 kN/m²
  • No sleeve required thanks to conical tie rod
  • Substantial time savings compared to conventional tie rod arrangements
  • Standard panels can be tied from one side using tie rod hole bridges
  • Conical tie rod sealed with a cost-effective rubber seal

"The NOEtop Einseitige Ankertechnik (one-sided tie rod system) is A1", is the unanimous verdict of the construction workers who tried out the new system under practical conditions on the test site. The NOEtop EinsA is a quick and cost-effective method of tie rod installation for NOEtop large area panels. The clamping mechanism, which is simple to preadjust on a 10 mm grid, makes installation easy. The new system is considerably more efficient than an ordinary through tie system. The conical tie means there is no need for a tie sleeve. Tie rod hole bridges allow NOEtop EinsA to be used with standard panels. The new tie rod system has an allowable concrete pressure of up to 60 kN/m².