NOE® foundation tie system

  • NOE tie fundation system

    für lightweight frame formwork

  • NOE foundation tie system

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  • NOE tie fundation system

    for heavy frame formwork

  • Large cost savings
    compared with conventional methods
  • Reduced excavation
  • Free choice of panel layout
    No need for tie hole remedials
  • No tie sleeves Tied above and below the panels
  • The bottom tie passes under the panel
    No need for timber filler pieces or internal braces under the panels
  • Can be used in very narrow working spaces
  • The panels can be brought
    into a flowing alignment by nailing the perforated steel strap on to the blinding concrete
  • Maximum spacing of the foundation tying devices
    (minimum two foundation clamps per panel):
    up to 80 cm concreting height: 3.00 m
    up to 100 cm concreting height: 1.90 m
    up to 130 cm concreting height: 1.45 m

NOE tie foundation system for lightweight frame formwork

NOE tie foundation framework for heavy framework

The NOE tie foundation system is available
for many sound systems, eg. example for

Formwork System Weight, approx. kg
NOEtop, NOEalu L


NOEalu L


Doka Framax


Hünnebeck Tekko


Hünnebeck Manto


Meva AS/ST


Meva EcoAs


Meva Mammut


Paschal Athlet


Paschal Rasterschalung


Peri Domino


Peri Handset


Peri Trio


NOE tie foundation system bracing for more formwork systems on request

NOE strip-steel stressing device

5-cm hole pattern, cut hole in middletensile load 16 kN, supplied in 50 m rolls

Dispensing and cutting trolley

For efficient cutting and transporting of NOE perforated steel strap. The trolley has a clamping and cutting device for accurately, simply and safely cutting the strap to length


Tying claw

for the above-named formwork system, a method of connecting over the top of the panel if not using tie rods, galvanised

NOE tying claw for lightweight frame formwork

NOE tying claw for heave frame formwork