New NOE®top Products

NOEtop Stripping Corner: The trick with the lever

NOEtop stripping corner

  • For lift shafts, stairwells, buildings with confined working space
  • Standard heights 1325 mm, 2650 mm, 3310 mm
  • Easy to extend
  • Each side 20 mm stripping play
  • Stripping formwork with lever arm
  • Stripping formwork with lever arm
  • Relocated in one lift
  • Ready for concreting again in a single crane lift

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NOEtop stabilizer connector


As well as providing improved force transfer into the transverse profile, the NOEtop stabilizer connector is safe and simple to operate. The NOEtop stabilizer connector is simply fitted around the horizontal transverse profile from the ground and the connection secured with a wedge. The stabilizer connection can be rotated and therefore suitable for use with horizontally or vertically oriented profiles.

  • Time-saving attachment to the formwork
  • Can be operated from the ground
  • Positive connection

For NOEtop: NOEstep

NOEstep helps make the use of NOEtop formwork even easier. By fitting NOEsteps on the lower two transverse profiles, the operatives can reach tie bar holes, stabilizer connections and other connectors without having to clamber up the formwork itself or use a ladder.

NOEsteps may only be fitted in the bottom area of the formwork. If they are fitted any higher up a scaffold, the level of the guard rails must be raised to match and/or the operatives must use appropriate personal safety equipment.

  • Safe working
  • Simple to attach
  • No clambering on the formwork
  • Description

Tie rod tilt restraint


Tie rod tilt restraint for NOEtop panels with integrated bracing

NOEtop tilt restraint can be fitted to NOEtop panels with integrated bracing to prevent tie rods from tilting when the bracing is used in the vertical position. It is inserted between the bracing profiles and secured in place by tightening the bolt.

  • No tilting of the tie rod
  • Simple installation within the bracing
  • Can be bolted in place
  • Variable in position within the bracing

Clamp support


Clamp support for NOEtop panels with integrated bracing

NOEtop clamp support allows tie rods to be set up from one side only and can be positioned anywhere in the bracing on NOEtop panels. A wedge fixes them in place.

  • Can be used from one side
  • Freely positionable within the bracing

NOEtop tie rod hole bridge


NOEtop tie rod hole bridge allows panels with widths of 400 to 750 mm to have tie rod holes in the middle. By having these central holes, a consistent pattern can be achieved with NOEtop large formwork elements in the case of cantilevers.

NOEtop tie rod hole bridges are used with panel heights of 2650 mm and 1325 mm.

Two NOEtop tie rod hole bridges are needed for each tie rod hole.

NOEtop stop-end support


The stop-end support allows bracing for stop-end forms to be positioned at the height of every horizontal transverse profile.

The stop-end support is used with Ø 15 mm tie rods.

  • Stop-end form
  • Can be positioned in any transverse profile

NOEtop lateral guard rail


The NOEtop lateral guard rail is attached with an adapter connected to the guard rail post tube on the NOEtop walkway bracket and provides protection against falling off the end of the walkway.

  • Safe working on walkway bracket platforms
  • Simple installation

NOEtop scaffold platform with ladder ascent


NOEtop scaffold platform with hatch

This item allows safe ascent by ladder to scaffold platforms. Its use requires two walkway brackets, Part No. 552203. The scaffold platforms are placed on the walkway brackets by crane and secured by pins to the brackets. A ladder is attached to the scaffold platform and is secured at the bottom by a ladder support

NOEtop scaffold platform

The NOEtop scaffold platform is used in combination with two walkway brackets, Part No. 552203 and takes the place of scaffold boarding. The scaffold platform is placed on the walkway brackets by crane and secured by pins to the brackets.

Ladder support for NOEtop scaffold platforms

The universal ladder support with step can be adjusted in length and be used with other formwork systems. It is attached to the formwork with a hammer-head bolt and a sprint nut.

Adapter for attaching scaffold guard rail post tubes to NOEtop scaffold platforms

The adapter is inserted into the profiles of the frame and secured with a spring pin, Part No. 555990. The adapter is suitable for use with scaffold guard rail tubes, Part No. 111400.

  • Safe ascent
  • Simple installation

NOEtop ladder system


The NOE ladder system allows safe ascent to higher working places. The system has two different ladder lengths, both of which can be fitted with back-propping or back-propping with exit. They are attached to the formwork by hammer-head bolts and sprint nuts.

  • Safe ascent
  • Simple installation
  • Integrated into the NOEtop formwork system

Travelling device for NOE AB 300 and NOE climbing scaffold


The travelling device can be used with the NOE AB 300 (in conjunction with a platform extension and a travelling channel) or with the NOE climbing scaffold.