Apostelhöfe Göppingen

  • Structural work for the new build project began in November 2018 and was completed in October 2019

  • For the wall formwork the proven NOEtop formwork system was used

  • The building has various deck heights due to the diverse uses

  • The new build project lies in the town centre. Space was correspondingly tight.

Concreting systems

Proven formwork systems that complement each other perfectly

The main contractor Züblin employed a number of formwork systems from NOE during the construction of a residential and commercial complex in Göppingen. Ease of handling and compatibility between the systems were winning features.

The town of Göppingen lies approximately 20 minutes by car from Süssen. A multifunctional building was erected there in 2019. It includes a hotel with 136 rooms, several retail outlets and rented apartments, as well as an underground car park with 67 spaces. These diverse uses mean that the building has a large number of different storey heights. Züblin was the main contractor responsible for construction as a turnkey project. For the concreting work they put their trust in formwork systems from NOE-Schaltechnik. According to Leo Hurler, the Site Manager for Züblin: "The award of the formwork contract was the result of a tender. But beside the attractive offer the variable height of NOEtop formwork was decisive for the award."

Versatile and efficient
He is speaking about a wall formwork that has already been proven on many construction sites and features many advantages. One of these is the wide range of different panel size systems available. The one that stands out the most is the XXL system. With dimensions of 5.30 x 2.65 m it is one of the largest formwork panel systems on the market. For contractors this means that they can construct a formwork surface on site of over 14.00 m² using just a single panel. In the case of Apostelhof BA2 this formwork system was primarily used for the construction of the retail outlets and underground car park. Particularly practical, the manufacturer offers many complementary systems for the NOEtop, such as the NOEtop FS column formwork, to assist in the cost efficient execution of work on the site.

Column concreting systems
This system is designed for pouring concrete into columns – without tie rods. As the system is foldable, the formwork can be closed around the reinforcement, the advantage being that the reinforcing steel can be assembled without any space constraints. In the case of the Göppingen site Züblin used this system primarily for construction of the underground car park. To make sufficient space for car parking areas the planners tried to keep the separation of the building columns as great as possible. However, the loads due to the residential and commercial complex are high. In order to transfer these loads effectively it was necessary to fabricate some of the beams for the underground car park in high-strength concrete (C50/60). For the construction of the foundations, in many places the Züblin engineers decided to use a 'lightweight' formwork member, the NOEaluL.

Light and flexible
This formwork consists of an aluminium frame profile, which is very light compared to NOEtop and can be offset using muscle power depending on size. That is especially an advantage in places where it is not possible to use a crane or where the crane is required for other tasks – as was the case during construction of the Apostelhöfe in Göppingen.

Proven to be robust
The construction work was completed in October 2019. For this Züblin poured 7500 m³ of concrete and used formwork systems from NOE-Schaltechnik. Leo Hurler is very satisfied with the service and formwork of NOE. When interviewed he emphasised that both were very reliable: "An advantage of NOE is that you always have a single point of contact who knows the site."