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  • Branich Tunnel: NOEtec – an ideal formwork system for engineering structures

    Two completely different tasks fulfilled using the NOEtec system
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  • Columns for the third-largest mosque in the world

    NOEplast ornamental textured formliners for octagonal columns
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  • Concreted in one pour – NOEtop wall formwork allows a bridge to be concreted in one pour on the B466 Süssen Bypass

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  • Walls built from interlocking blocks

    NOEplast textured formliners lend aesthetic interest to "varioWand" concrete surfaces.

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  • A flexible formwork system for complex formwork tasks

    Slender bridge columns built using the flexible NOEratio beam formwork system

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  • NOE Formwork Facings

    For walls and decks, precast concrete works
    Product Range

  • A wall drenched in history

    Flood prevention wall at Breskens, Netherlands designed with NOEplast textured formliners.

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  • Individualised standard textured formliner

    NOEplast setzt individuelle Akzente in belgischem Apartment-Komplex. 
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  • Stylish flood defences for Dresden

    Concrete flood prevention wall wins admirers with a natural stone look.

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  • Facades reflect riparian woodland

    Creating the look of riparian woodland with NOEplast textured formliners
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  • Watertight tank concreted in 36 hours

    NOEtop: solution for concrete pours generating high formwork pressures
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  • NOEtop wall formwork with one-sided tie rod system

    NOEtop EinsA can be used with NOEtop panel system
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  • Brushed finish for precast concrete units

    NOEplast "Sydney" textured formliner achieves DIN 51130 R12 slip resistance rating
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