• Tunnel Gibelin, Solothurn, Switzerland


  • Gmünder Einhorn-Tunnel, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

  • Pilot Plant, Spremberg, Germany

  • Tunnel Nittel, Trier, Germany

  • Tunnel Neckargemünd, Germany

NOEtec – made to measure for civil and structural engineering

  • Made-to-measure
    NOEtec can be exactly configured to suit your project and site requirements.
  • Reduced number of system components
    NOEtec completes challenging jobs using the minimum number of system components.
  • Versatile
    NOEtec – the tried and tested, universally applicable beam formwork  and scaffolding system for civil and structural engineering projects.
  • System components only
    Whether it is a tunnel with a rectangular or rounded cross-section, underground or cut-and-cover construction, wall formwork or a shoring system: Virtually every project can be accomplished using system components only.
  • Safe
    NOEtec  provides a high degree of safety at work.
  • Quick
    NOE impresses with its short assembly times and self-explanatory erection methods.
  • Durable
    All system components are painted steel.
  • Strong
    NOEtec excels through its high load capacity.
  • Structural properties:
    A =         42.69 cm2
    G =         50 kg/m
    Iy =         8544 cm4
    Myall. =  109 kNm
    V yall. =   349 kN

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